Your own dedicated community of fans, making and sharing content that resonates


Content marketing, redefined.

Ripple is a brand's own online publication.

It’s filled with community created content, written by passionate fans, who are rewarded for their contributions. 

Authentic, user-generated content resonates. Makes an impact. And that’s what Ripple is all about.



To create a ripple we need to start with getting under the skin of your content consumer. We find what makes your readers tick and build out templates to match.

But each brand's consumers are different, so our platform has automated learning built in, which will dynamically adjust the template based on views, dwell time and shares.

We understand social media, it's where our founders started life. Content Ripple is about creating a movement - about your content travelling from its source out to millions of other people. Shareability is key, and it’s baked into our platform.

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Content Ripple seeks out people already loving your brand, inviting them to turn their hand at content creation. 
Through an intuitive blogging platform, community members can quickly and easily create readable, shareable content. 
Post briefs for your community of content creators when you have something specific in mind. 

Compensate content creators for their time with a simple payment system or other rewards, like exclusive products or event passes

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Using the straightforward application platform, sort through potential content creators. 

Once your community is up and running, all of their social media content and blog posts are pulled into the platform - so you can swiftly broadcast a relevant tweet or Instagram post. You’ll be in complete control, moderating all content so that only the best, most relevant pieces appear on your online publication. Granular reporting will reveal what content works best for your brand, so you can tweak and improve your strategy.

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Features Overview

Moderate content
Moderate Content

Tinder-style mobile site for swift and easy approval

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Your own digital publication

We’ll design and create a Buzzfeed-style feed to sit on your subdomain, like

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Social media integration

Pull tweets from brand advocates directly into your digital publication

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Hashtag categories

Neatly organise your content by topic so it’s easy to navigate

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Pay your advocates

With a simple payment system, compensate your contributors for their time.

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Analyse your content

Find out which articles are being shared, read and created

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Handpick your content creators

A simple application platform allows you to choose your team of reporters

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Moderate content
Set briefs

Real stories are all we want to read, so let your fans do the talking

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If you want to hear more about making your content ripple and how to use our platform, then please get in touch. Even if it's just a chat, we love to talk about content marketing. 

If you're a recruiter or an offshore development house, then thanks, but no thanks. We don't love talking recruitment and we love our in house development team. 

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